Quality bushes for

Land Rover

PK Parts is a leading, independent manufacturer of bushings for Land Rover, Toyota, Mitsubishi and many other brands, supplying our distributors in Europe and Asia, from government agencies to retail outlets. The name PK Parts stands for high-quality parts. For several years now, enthusiasts of Land Rovers and other brands around the world have identified PK Parts as a brand that can be trusted. PK Parts prides itself on offering competitive prices. Our highly experienced manufacturing teams strike a balance between price and quality to provide our customers with the best options.

about the product

PK Parts produces a wide range of suspension components for Land Rover, Toyota, Mitsubishi and other vehicles. Our qualified team performs a wide range of light engineering work to ensure our parts are a guarantee of quality. In line with the PK Parts philosophy, all products that leave our factory are manufactured to the highest standards and meet the strictest safety regulations.

For several years, PK Parts has been supplying high-quality suspension parts to Land Rover users around the world, and we are proud to announce that they are all covered by an industry-leading 24-month guarantee.There is a 24-month guarantee logo on each box by the PK Parts logo, which will adorn all of our products to remind customers constantly that they are installing the best parts available for their Land Rover.

The PK Parts logo has become a recognizable and respected brand; it epitomizes excellence in this field, both in terms of quality and commitment to meeting customer needs.

Manufactured exclusively for PK Parts using the latest technology. > Offer better articulation and vibration damping. > Machined to exact tolerances after casting to achieve the highest finish available. > Bushings are a compound that provides excellent driving. characteristics, better articulation, and vibration damping.