Specialist support

1. Remove the original rubber from the bushing in the swingarm. Thoroughly clean the place where the new bushing is to be installed from dirt and corrosion. It is also worth using a file or other similar tool to remove any burrs and unevenness.
2. Check that the stainless steel sleeve is not inside the polyurethane element. It is helpful to lubricate the outer part of the new bushing with e.g. washing-up liquid or dishwashing liquid, it facilitates the installation. Position the bushing at a slight angle to the rocker arm so that the lip on it gently fits into the
rocker arm. Then press down on the rest of the sleeve.

3. Apply the grease provided in the package to the inside of the polyurethane bushing. Wipe off the excess with paper or a cloth. 4. Install the control arm in the car in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.